"Let Go"

I love this eBook. It is easy to read; genuine, innovative and inspiring. 
I’m promoting this book because I believe it offers people looking for an examplar to shape their life in manner that best aligns with their own personal values, beliefs and resources. 

I will not spoil the book for you. I will tell you some critical components of the book that highlight why you need to read it: 

Job security does not exist today as it did during the time of my parents. We are not guaranteed retirement pensions, or even our jobs. Many jobs are being outsourced; made obsolete by technology; short-lived and undercompensated. Pat tells you from his perspective what it’s like to lose your job and how he identified and developed new opportunities that led him to finding wealth and a lifestyle in line with his values. 

 Innovation – Pat shows the power of investing…not in money, but in time and leveraging knowledge to create financial redundancy to mitigate the potential of losing his maintain income stream to survive. 

Uncertainty – Pat tells you what is it like to experience uncertainty. He was the person who graduated college and landed a good job. Within a very short amount of time, Pat was promoted and doubled his salary. Then in 2008, the economic impacts facing the US resulted in Pat losing his job. Pat does a great job describing the emotional turmoil, self-doubt, pain and humiliation of losing a job…especially when trying to manage a family. 

 Serendipity and planting seeds of opportunity – you learn about the power and impact of relationships, timing and location.  

 “Let Go” is an excellent and inspiring read. You get to follow Pat’s path of feeling what it’s like to fail, to learn, to adapt and regenerate.

Cheers, Bob